Cessione V Italia® is a company registered in the list of Financial Agents at number A10456, supervised by the Organismo agents and Credit Brokers (OAM), which plays the nationwide activities of mandate Future - Compass SpA, (FUTURE SpA CF and VAT and RI MI 01277730030 - All rights reserved. Registered office: 20153 Milan - Via Caldera, 21. Cap. Soc. € 14,800,000 fully paid. El. spec. no. 31060.7; Cod . ABI: 016595 - Int. insurance joined the sect. D of the RUI no. D000200022. Company subject to inspections carried out by the Bank of Italy, located in v. National, 91-00184 Rome. sole Shareholder Compass Bank SpA - management and coordination: Mediobanca SpA) industry-leading financial institution of the Fifth Assignment of Wages, Assignment of the Fifth board and Delegations of Payment.

The company today , places the best financial products of the Italian consumer credit market as the transfer of salary and pension, delegation of payment, personal loan, mortgage loan and current account with relative paper debt.

The Formula Commercial
The activity of the group is to provide affiliates a series of products and services that can fulfill any request should arrive by customers . " You put the enthusiasm of new customers finding the rest to us . " The task of the Cessione V Italia® is to provide the best working tools . The affiliate's job is to use these tools to optimize and make the most of their business . Join TU joined the large group of affiliates Cessione V Italia®! Do not miss this opportunity! Put ... WINGS TO YOUR BUSINESS!

What we offer
Regular training, update, information, Tiling, Advertising, Customer weekly profiles, contacts from corporate websites, social networks and communication media. Registration in the dependent section / collaborator in the lists of financial agents href="" (OAM). Recruitment and management of new human resources for the area. (Unicum in the area!)
The potential candidate of a Cessione V Italia® is not required no special expertise but must have a certain interest and preparation for the world of credit products, with a willingness to learn a task quite lucrative if done in enterprising way. If you are a dynamic person, looking for an opportunity for serious business, based on a concrete development plan and you feel close to our world, do not hesitate to contact us, our consultants will be happy to give you all the information you want on the various franchise options Cessione V Italia®.
Location in central town with at least 50,000 inhabitants, local least 50 square meters or minimum two-bedroom brandizzare two people to be trained, for an average annual turnover> € 75,000.00.


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C.Q. Italia Finanziamenti is a commercial brand of Assignment V Italy S.r.l.s. Agency registered on the list of financial agents to the number A10456 supervised by the Organismo agents and Credit Brokers (OAM) Headquarter in Via Siepe Nuova, 8-80027 Frattamaggiore ( NA ) VAT & Tax Code 08293971217 REA : NA - 946,674 .
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