Cessione V Italia®, And without doubt one of the most Important Reality Present on the national territory in the staff in the banking market to Families.

It born a Frattamaggiore and over the years it develops and grows and consolidates its activities in the area of ​​consumer loans up to broaden its range of services and products at 360 ° for good to become more and more 'a Reference Point versatile for customers.

The vast experience makes Cessione V Italia®, a "unique" In the specific sector. Thanks to strong individual skills acquired in the field, Cessione V Italia® Has Been Grado to remain solid ante, during and after the Reformation of credit to the consumer knowing how to reinvent and restructure Completely Up to now become a reference in order to offer competitive and customized solutions based Alle Financial Difficulties of Families, ensuring a quick acces to the resolution of their needs.

Growth also made possible the optimization of internal operating procedures and personnel from the specialization of the Cessione V Italia®,: Professionals in Grado to dare always Best Answer Listening to the real needs of customers.

Rapidity, efficiency, transparency and cordiality are the secrets of our success.

We boast the Trust addition to the 14,000 customers of qualified OFFER daily advice, services and products Through A Structure Present throughout the country, consists of diversifying Point and Store, ed An Extensive network of collaborators.

C.Q. Italia Finanziamenti is a commercial brand of Assignment V Italy S.r.l.s. Agency registered on the list of financial agents to the number A10456 supervised by the Organismo agents and Credit Brokers (OAM) Headquarter in Via Siepe Nuova, 8-80027 Frattamaggiore ( NA ) VAT & Tax Code 08293971217 REA : NA - 946,674 .
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